7 STRATEGIES to beat Distraction and be more Productive

Managing the growth of multiple businesses is not easy.

It requires a thousand resources, both mental and physical.

Over the years therefore I have tested different strategies to increase my productivity:

Here are my 7 favorite ones:

1 — Remove all Home apps from your phone.

The home is the place you always happen upon every time you turn on your smartphone.

Keep this page without any apps that can attract your attention and distract you.

2 — Install and use Time Blockers.

Give yourself rules: “I will use Instagram a maximum of 20 minutes a day.”

Install “Digital Wellness” or “AppBlock” and set this time limit.

3 — Selecting “Deep Work” time slots.

During these time slots, no one should disturb you.

Notify your colleagues and family members.

Put on some headphones with music for concentration (I recommend Einaudi or Brain FM) and isolate yourself from the rest.

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4 — Remove all notifications.

I find it absurd that in 2022 there are professionals who are still totally invasive by notifications.

Notifications are the absolute evil. Remove them all (including WhatsApp).

5 — Get up at a slow pace and without distractions.

One of the worst things you can do is get up and start feeling the need to be productive.

Instead, try to create awareness.

Drink your coffee quietly.

Savor your breakfast.

No social, no emails.

You will be much happier and more mindful for the rest of the day.

6 — Don’t memorize anything.

Our mind is made to think and be creative.

And not to store information.

Create your own Second Brain on Notion or similar to collect all useful information.

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7 — Limit your sources.

Too much information is the same as no information.

Don’t study a thousand different sources at once.

Find a few reliable sources and consume their information.

Then change them slowly over time.

What would you add?

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Samuele Maestri

At only 19 years old helps thousands of people in identifying the best strategies that can develop any type of activity into a profitable business.